Student services and support programs


Our teachers are responsible for planning and delivering educational, individualised programs for all students. To assist with this, they often call on advice and input from a range of therapists and specialists that visit our school.

Guidance Officer 

The school guidance officer visits the school on a weekly basis. The role of the school guidance officer includes the following: psychological assessment; assisting in the verification process of impairment; consultation and support; linking with outside agencies; providing confidential counselling; support for students and their families.

A referral to the school guidance officer is made by contacting the Principal.

Registered Nurse

The Department of Education Registered Nurse works in partnership with staff to safely manage the health needs of students with specialised health needs. 

Working with staff in our school, the registered nurse helps manage our students by: assessing individual students’ health needs; developing individualised student health and emergency plans; providing competency-based training for school staff to meet the individual students’ health needs; providing support and advice for students, parents and school staff.

Occupational Therapist

The Occupational Therapist assists students to develop functional skills for everyday life including: student/work skills (e.g. organisation of self, handwriting and computer skills); activities of daily living (e.g. eating, dressing, toileting, using community facilities); play, leisure and recreation (e.g. playground activities).


Physiotherapists contribute to a student’s education programs by: advising on seating and posture; advising on mobility in the classroom and school grounds; recommending changes to the school environment to allow maximum student participation in school activities; preventing or reducing disability through specialist techniques and support such as provision of specialised equipment; providing training and consultation on risk management; maximising students’ independence in the school setting to enhance their confidence; and adapting student programs or classroom setup to cater for individual needs.

Speech Language Pathologist

The Speech Language Pathologist provides a service to identified students within a transdisciplinary team by: direct services to students (diagnostic and review assessments, therapy with students; training in alternative and augmentative communication systems and aids); non-contact activities (therapy program planning, training and in-service for program implementation, resource development, parent interviews and ISP planning; service management activities (networking, strategic planning, negotiating services).

Autism Queensland

Autism Queensland is a community based, not-for-profit, Incorporated Association dedicated to bringing about positive change in the lives of people with Autism and their families. They provide a comprehensive range of specialised services and support for people of all ages living with Autism and their families throughout Queensland.


Centrelink assists people to become self-sufficient and supports those in need.

Choice, Passion, Life (CPL)

CPL was formed in 1948 by a group of concerned parents to provide services that were not otherwise available from other community agencies. Today, CPL is the largest non-government disability services provider for people with a physical disability in Queensland. It currently assists more than 3000 people with cerebral palsy and other disabilities, and is supported through fundraising activities, support from the community, the corporate sector and State and Federal Governments.

Endeavour Foundation

Endeavour Foundation Industries is the largest employer of people with a disability in Australia with over 1,800 supported workers employed at 26 Australian Disability Enterprises throughout Queensland and New South Wales.

Relationships Australia

Relationships Australia (QLD) provides relationship support services to individuals, couples and families throughout Queensland. Their services aim to strengthen and build relationships, resolve relationship breakdown issues and support the best interests of children through family separation. They also offer a number of specialist counselling services, courses and education programs. Please see their website for more information on their wide range of services.

School Dental Services

All Queensland resident children four years of age or older who have not completed Year 10 of secondary school are eligible for publicly funded oral health care via Queensland Health's Child and Adolescent Oral Health Services (previously referred to as the School Dental Program).

The Umbrella Network

The Umbrella Network offers information and support to families of children with special needs in the North Queensland area. They are not a service provider but a registered charity that runs on volunteers. They offer education, friendship and the chance to start turning your child’s life into a positive and rewarding journey.

Last reviewed 28 May 2019
Last updated 28 May 2019